Monday, February 16, 2009


We just got back from a great family trip! It started out with a side trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon, where Geoff bought a new truck. It was a long drive for James, only made easier by the portable DVD purchase, which was well worth the price tag! 

We then came back through Seattle and flew to Kauai the next day - a long trip, but well worth it! James even had his own bedroom in the place we stayed! It was an amazing time, spent with 16 of us in the most beautiful location on Secret Beach. 

After a week in Kauai, just the three of us went to Maui for a few days. Caught some rays at Big Beach and bummed around Kihei.  Here are some of the pics - it was hard to narrow down, so there's lots!

Here's a shot of the beautiful sunset and us on the beach by the haystack rocks. 
James loved the bubble jacuzzi tub!
Thank god I'm outta the car!
The only time he used the stroller until the last day (playing around the condo)

Hats, shmats!
Haha, did you just see Dad bail on that wave - knarly!
Loving sipping from water bottles

View from lanai in Maui
Hanging with Mom at the pool in Kihei
The whole family trip (16 of us) in the most beautiful place in Kauai! This was our daily view - not too shabby!

The beach we spent 5 days at - gorgeous!

Let's ride some real waves Dad!

James found his tongue on the trip and stuck it out for much of the day!

Catching some zzzz's on the beach

How James usually looked after a day at the beach!

Let's go deeper Dad!

Chub Chubs in the baby pool

Playing in the sand

Mom and me on the beach

Deeper Dad!

Lovin' being a nudie outside!

Mashed food with a view!

MMM beer o'clock!

Me and Dad before we hiked down to the beach

Man, I love the beach!


Randi said...

looks like you three had a wonderful trip! awesome photos of james enjoying all the lovely waves and sand and water.

Bonnie said...

wow, looks like james had lots of fun. what a wonderful holiday spot

great family pictures!!!