Sunday, February 28, 2010

20 Oh Ten Gold!

James fell asleep at the start of the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game today, so there was some silent cheering going on whilst the nap ensued - however he woke up just in time for overtime and we won! Hoooooray! He's a natural flag waver and after the medal ceremony we went for a family walk (let's be honest, it was in hopes of inducing my labour) and he held and waved the flag the whole way! He liked it when people honked at him too! Such a fun afternoon! Proud to be from the best place on earth! 

High-five to the team!

We're #1

p.s. thanks again to Papa G for the awesome hockey jersey (that might still fit him in 4 years!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little family outing

We went out to White Rock this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and to spend some quality family time together as our little threesome will become a foursome soon! We had a great time walking along the pier, stopping for smoothies and then getting some delicious sushi for a picnic - both of which James inhales!  Such a nice time together! I love my boys!

p.s. thanks to Papa G for my new Canada Olympic Hockey Jersey! I got tons of compliments!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

First Hockey Game!

Geoff took James to see a Vancouver Giants game yesterday as they have been relocated out to the new events centre in Langley, while the Olympics are on. It was a 5pm start, so we thought it would be perfect. I loaded them up with snacks, treats and a juice box (a fav if he can get his hands on one) and thought they'd be able to last a good while with stuff to do. I got a call around 5:20pm to say they were on their way home. It was a bit of a stretch for James, maybe too young, too loud, too boring....who knows...they tried and all the treats were gone and it was time to come home. They did manage in that 20 minutes to see two goals and a fight, so Geoff felt his $20 wasn't put to complete waste! James did however love the Tiger mascot and chased him around the stadium! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mmmm watermelon!

I got my belly painted yesterday by a friend and it was so much fun! We did a few different ones - one of which I won't show because we did the two possible baby names, with a little peanut underneath as we call our wee one affectionately Peanut...I'll share those after the baby is born!
Here is a present all wrapped up!
And a very cool watermelon that James just loved!

The Torch Relay!

We headed down to Cloverdale yesterday to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch Relay! It was super busy, which upset James - not to mention he has no idea what he's waiting for and why everyone is honking. Needless to say we saw it go by and shared in the community spirit, which was alive in Cloverdale! 
Here he is practicing his flag waving! He's a natural!