Friday, July 24, 2009

A visit to see Noey!

On our way home from Mable Lake, we stopped by Noey's house in Vernon for a sleep over! We love to visit their amazing house and get spoiled with fabulous food and views! James and Noey had a great time playing 'together'.

Here we are swimming in her pool!
Noey going in for a kiss!
Playing pass
Here's Noey's cute little brother Everett!
I wasn't too keen on her leopard chair!
Not so keen on a bath time with her either!
Remember the good old days of just lounging under this thing?
Sharing food
Teasing the dogs
Watching 'In the Night Garden'

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Annual Mable Lake Trip!

We just returned home from 4 great days at Mable Lake, in the interior. Geoff's Mom rents a cabin there for two weeks every summer! As always, it was hot hot hot when we were there (30+ each day). Surprisingly, the cabin was fairly baby proof and had a great sun room with tons of windows and just a couch so it was a great safe place for James to scatter all his toys and muck about! He loved playing with the rocks on the beach and eating!

All sunscreened up and ready to play!
Eatin' on the beach
Pouty-face James didn't like his life jacket too much!
It's ok if he gets chips though!
Mmmm beer!
Happily loved his after-dinner walk in the backpack!
View from the hill!
Here we are taking out an inflatable canoe for what turned into a short trip
We always eat great food at the lake!
James wasn't sure what to do to help Dad blow out his birthday candles!
Enjoying his bath in the sink

Thursday, July 16, 2009


James discovered our curtains in the dining room and loves to play behind them and scare us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Island Hopping

James and I went to Salt Spring Island to visit my friend Jill and her 5 1/2 month old daughter Ava for the night.  Jill's parents have an amazing place on Salt Spring right on the water with tons to do! James was mostly enthralled by their dog, Taylor, a nice older golden retriever and their fat cat MacIntyre! 

He he is enjoying a nice dinner with a beautiful view!
Jill and I have the same picture of the two if us from 2003 without kids and beers in our hand...where have those days gone?!
Yay, the kids are asleep! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner, by Jill's Mom, Karen, who might just be my favorite chef!
James was peeking on Ava having a bath this morning!
Playing in the bocce ball court! Yes, plot of land devoted solely to bocce!
We hope we get invited back next year, despite James not being the happiest of house guests at times! Thanks guys!! xox

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Really Good Effort...

Last month, Geoff and I reserved a camping spot at Golden Ears Provincial Campground for July 7, knowing he was on holidays and that as we reserved - we couldn't back out! Since we have been pretty much in a drought lately, we figured it would be a great family trip with James! Did anyone see the forecast? 

We packed up (probably spent at least 5 cumulative hours between us) for one night and made our way...arriving in good spirits around noon!

I took James over the playground to allow Dad to set up our one tarp. One. 
This was after our short trip to the playground where James did his first face plant onto the ground and soaked his shoes and socks. Outfit # 1 of 5 gone, within 20 mins!
After setting up and a very brief nap for James in the tent, we set off to the beach...
Here are my two favorite guys throwing rocks in the lake!
James insisted on walking part of the way, he looks so small here!
We are having fun right?
After the beach we checked out the tent which already had a flat air mattress for sleeping and water on the bedding... was about 2 seconds after I took this that James did his third face plant of the day into a large puddle (ruining and soaking through outfits #2 & #3 that were layered)....we realized how smart we were...
...because of how wet and miserable we were... be packing up and going home to our warm house, dry clothes and comfy beds! Home by 6pm, James asleep by 7:30! 
Oh rainy got the best of us! 

At least we were laughing when we pulled out and thought how funny we must have looked to the people across the road from us who watched us set up for 2 hours and take down for 1 hour, in a 5 hour camping trip!

Maybe next year?

Monday, July 6, 2009

A picking we will go!

We had another awesome family day today, as Geoff is on holidays! We took James to Krause Berry Farm  to pick berries and get muddy! Their was a great petting zoo that he went in first with goats, bunnies, horses and more. He had tons of fun walking down the raspberry aisle helping us pick. Man, you should have seen it...normally I would have posted pictures of it...but I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Darnit! He was in his element...eating, playing with dirt - it was so fun! Afterwards we sampled some great bread in their store and then went to the bakery windown and watched the ladies make pies, whilst eating warm blackbery pie! These were the same pies we had at our wedding, instead of cake...and they are to die for! James was a hit with all the ladies and they thought he was adorable with his dirty shirt, blackberry stained mouth and big smile! Such a fun time - we will go back soon for sure, camera in tote! I did capture one cute pic of the day when James passed out in the car ride home, so sweet with blackberry still all over his face!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Green Dinner Date

Tonight we had a great dinner made with mostly foods from our pesticide-free (organic?) garden! It was delicious...well two of us thought so! We had cauliflower with a curried-cheese sauce and a great salad with prawns! 

James was not so fond of the cauliflower
Geoff liked it!
And cheesy-smiler me liked it!
James was much happier to eat apple sauce with some vanilla Hagen Dazs!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Farm Aid 2009

Today we had an awesome time at our friends parents gorgeous estate, where they decided to hold the first annual Farm Aid Camp Out! Needless to say I am already home and James is in his crib, thus we did not camp! But we had an awesome fun filled day at the farm and James was dog tired, especially because we pushed his bedtime back an hour.

Here are my guys playing in the pool!
Playing peek-a-boo
Jumping off the edge!
Visiting the chickens
James LOVED this tractor tire!

Here we are having fun in the pool!
This is the IS the dream home!
James loves corn!
Cheers to that!
Sunset quad ride!

We can't wait until next year and hope to be invited back this year too! Camping next year for sure - it was so cute to see all the kids running around in their jammies when we left roasting marshmellows!