Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dada Day!

Today we visited Geoff at work and brought him some yummy cookies and ice cream for Father's Day! James LOVED sitting in the drivers seat and inspecting the whole truck!  
Happy Father's Day Dada! We love you!

Outside playing all day!

James loves to be outside. Period. Take him out and he'll happily play all day...just like yesterday! We went to an outdoor charity volleyball tournament in White Rock and he ran around happily for hours...we drove home, he slept 2 hours like a log and as soon as he woke up we went back and he stayed outside until 7:45.  We popped him into the bath and was K-O'd from 8pm-7:30am! That fresh air does wonders!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The First to Give Back!

We were inspired by a friend's sister to give back to the community for James' First birthday this week.  We wanted to do this to give thanks for what we have and try to help others who are not as fortunate as us. We also felt like he wouldn't know at this point if he wasn't getting a present from us so perhaps in the future when he sees these pictures, he'll understand the importance of giving back!

We opted to purchase baby food and donate it to the Langley Food Bank, so Grandma and I hauled off to Superstore and cleared some shelves! (Yes, we usually take our own bags, but since we were donating, opted for plastic)

We took James to the Food Bank and as it was quiet, we got a great tour from a volunteer. They were thrilled with the donation and took James' info to write him a thank you card!

A big thank you to Grandma, Papa G and all of James' Great-Grandparents (Mollie, Ken, James and Lorraine) for their generous donations too! xox

Monday, June 15, 2009

A lovely birthday picnic at the Beach!

This is where we should sit!

Today we took James down to Crescent Beach to celbrate his real birthday with a nice family picnic! The weather was awesome and thanks to a friend I knew just what to pack!

Here is Geoff trying to fly a kite that James got from our neighbours...we might need some pointers!

James loved giving us his rocks!
So much new stuff to explore!

Walking the logs!
Had to try ice cream on the way home...wasn't too into it, much like his cake!

Happy Burfday to Me!

I'm 1 today! Hip hip hooray! I had a fun birthday party on the weekend with so many family members and friends! I also got spoiled, despite my parents rule of no presents...tee hee hee!
Mom and Dad were surprised that I didn't like cake - too sweet for me - I'd rather eat chips and dip (just like my Mom). What a fun year I've had! Thanks to everyone who came around and spoiled me all weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gettin' my toofs checked out!

James went to his first dentist appointment today for a check up! So of course, embarassing Mom had to take pictures! We went to a great pediatric dentist in Langley and aside from a few tears upon examination - he had a great time playing in their jungle themed office! At first, he tried to bolt for the door!

Then he found some cool toys!

Still suspect...
"You say this is a magical chair Mom?" Still suspect...

That wasn't so back in 6 months!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A nice evening walk

Tonight we had a nice was outside after dinner! Half way through James wanted to walk so we "1-2-3 weeeeed" all the way home, with brief stops to pet some friendly pups!

Check out our new windows in the background...great job Daddy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hangin' with Ava!

Today James and I ventured out to West Vancouver to visit his Auntie Jilly and her beautiful daughter, Ava (4 months) who flew out from Toronto! James slept the whole way there so was ready to play when we got there. He was so gentle with her and seemed to instinctively know that she was delicate. It was quite sweet to watch him pat her on the head, walk around her when she was sleeping on the floor and share his stuffed puppy dog with her! 

Here he is showing her his puppy dog book! Too cute!

We went on a lovely walk to the beach and got to play on some swings with a million dollar view!  Check out her adorable mary jane shoe socks! Cutest socks ever!
Unfortunately, our visit was cut short, as James wouldn't nap in the pack and play, so we packed it up and drove home...he was asleep within 4 blocks until our driveway! We hope to get over to Salt Spring Island in July for another visit!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

All in a hot days work!

How do we stay cool at home these days? 

It's's our recipe:

Garden in the late afternoon shade!


Staying in the shade with shades on!

Shout out to Penny in the background for the sweet books for James' birthday! Thanks Pen!

Drinking & Driving!

(It's just lemon water!)

Driving with the top (and bottoms) down!

And, yes, he learned how to climb onto of his truck today...yikes!

Eating outside!

Here's a cutie video from dinner of James giggling at his silly Daddy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to stay cool on a hot spring day!

It's haaaaawwwwwt! Pwef! Not complaining though, because I complained of the cold and we are lucky to have lots of trees in our yard and a great Aunt & Uncle to lend us the pool! Ahhh, so refreshing to take a dip in, well a heated pool! Here's a few shots of some family fun in Deb & Rob's pool with Cousin Avery & Grammy...I think we might go back tomorrow and the next day!!
Here's me and Grammy, and Avery and her Grammy!

Canon ball!!

Check out my sweet air!

We'll be back soon!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Weekend in Victoria!

But first....a ridiculously cute picture of James from this morning, actually wearing his fire hat (shirt wasn't planned!) We've been trying to get this hat on him for months!

James and I went to Victoria for three nights and well the first exciting thing about being there was that he actually slept through the night there! A first, or three I should say!

We had fantastic weather and spent a lot of time outside. Here is James on the beach out front of my parents house looking for crabs!
James met a new friend, Baker (on left) and saw his friend (Will) for a fun play date! Baker and Will are cousins and I know their Mom's from high school! Such fun!

We were able to eat outside each night and had awesome meals! James tried halibut, guacamole with chips, nectarines and had a bottle of whole milk on this trip!

James, Grandma and his best friend Lexi sitting watching the birds and boats go by!

We love going to Victoria to see Grandma, Papa G & Lexi!  We will see you guys in two weeks at the burfday party!