Thursday, March 12, 2009

Neat New Stuff

This past week, James seems to have grown up so much. Sometimes it's hard to watch small changes over a period of time when you see your child everyday. But lately, Geoff and I have been noticing new things everyday. The biggest change in James is his curiousity with things around the house and outside. He loves to stand by the window and see what's going on outside and loves even more when we take him outside (although lately it's just so cold!) Here he is playing in the snow we had last weekend.

I had to get over my nervousness of bathing James in the full tub (we've still been using his baby bath, he sits in it rather than laying down) because I think he's going to slip and knock his head. He seems to really like exploring what is in the tub and touching everything.  He hates to have his hair washed, mostly because of the water getting poured over his face.

And lastly, James has found his favorite cupboard - the tupperware! Funnily enough, it's my least favorite cupboard because it's so messy and we have so many lids and bottoms that don't match - but he doesn't know the difference, so we let him have at it! We just put safety pulls on all of the cupboards but he still thinks he can get it open so he pulls and pulls and pulls...bang bang bang!

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Bonnie said...

Looks like you have so much fun with James...what a lucky baby!