Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dim the lights and it looks like Gold!

Geoff just competed in the World Police and Fire Games, hosted by Vancouver, this past week! James came out to the field for two whole days of fast rugby 7's action!

Here he is checking out the dogs, which he later kissed!

Cheering for Daddy, but slightly delayed - about 30 seconds after everyone else stopped cheering - very cute though!

My Daddy scored a try!

I'm going to play this when I'm older!

How hard can it be?

And we won Bronze!! Two teams from South Africa won Gold and Silver, quite handily! But they ended on a great win against the Italians to score a medal! Way to go Geoffers!
Get this thing offa me!


Gmama said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my days at the games!!!

thanks for sleeping James !!!

miranda said...

awesome! i'm just catching up on the news - looks like a great event. congrats!