Friday, October 31, 2008


Langley finally got it's first all-you-can-eat sushi place so we decided to try today.  We loaded James' diaper bag with toys and ventured out for our first meal out with the boy! We've gotten take-out since he was born because it's just easier. Geoff and I frantically chowed down on mediocre sushi while James squealed and looked at everything. He soon got interested in my water cup so we gave him a taste! He loved it! Water got everywhere and soaked his shirt. It was the first time Geoff and I didn't get seconds and we found it not as relaxing as we did in the past. Oh where did the days of gorging on sushi and napping for hours afterwards go?


Gmama said...

I am thrilled to see him drinking from a cup!!!

Lindsay McIntyre said...

I'm not sure how much he's actually getting in his mouth - seems to all go down the front, but a start at least if he won't take a bottle!