Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

I decided to write a blog, as facebook isn't where I want to be posting everything about James and I was inspired by my neighbours daughter-in-law, who writes a great blog about her new son, Cole.  

I know that there are family and friends who would like to catch up on our wee man, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so at your leisure.  James is getting so big and it's so amazing to watch him grow and change everyday! I know I've had friends (b.c. - before-child) who would say "oh, she just learned to roll over!" I would say "neat" and not think much of it. But when it's your kid and they go from doing nothing to something, THAT'S HUGE! And this is no offense to those people and their wonderful children, just didn't mean much to me b.c. 

So anyways, this is a chance for you to check in and see how James is doing, what new adventures he's been up to and what new things he's doing! I would love any feedback or comments!

Tomorrow is Halloween and some of you might know that last year, Geoff and I found out about our pregnancy just before Halloween. We decided to use a pumpkin as a way to tell our family and friends and so my belly was named 'Pumpkin', as we had no idea who was inside until June 15, 2008! Yesterday we took this family photo and we can't believe how much has changed in a year and how much James has grown! We look forward to many more Halloweens (and stealing his trick-or-treat candy unbeknownst to him!) I can't wait to put James in his costume that my mom made! I'm sure that will be the next blog entry!


Lindsay McIntyre said...

Alright my first post didn't align properly...they'll get better, promise!

Jill said...

I know I am going to love getting all the updates... much better than facebook!
Happy Halloween! Chat to you soon,
XO Jill

Gmama said...

It is the ultimate joy to be one of James' Grandmothers !!!

Happy Hallowe'en !!!

Love G-mama

Bonnie said...

Love the family photo and the comparison with the pumpkin is so clever!