Monday, November 24, 2008

Cutest bum on the block!

I love sleeping on my tummy! Period. No other way is comfortable for me. So when I was pregnant, I really struggled to get a good nights sleep, despite having a comfortable snoogle body pillow.  After I had James, I cautiously rolled onto my tummy and missed the deep satisfying sleep (or maybe that was exhaustion) I would get from sleeping this way. As some of you may know, James isn't the best sleeper and until about two weeks ago, we've been swaddling him to sleep. I began to worry that he would roll over onto his tummy in the night and because he was swaddled, he wouldn't be able to breathe or roll himself onto his back. Geoff and I have been 'sleep training' him without the swaddle wrap and it hasn't been without a few sleepless nights. We're starting to think he's getting the hang of it though and it's easier for us to think of his sleep as 'training' because he needs to know how to self sooth back to sleep once he awakens.  This process has been difficult for him as he always wanted to be nursed back to sleep (which at times has left me nursing him 5, 6, 7 times in the night when Geoff is on the night shift).  

In any case, I ramble...James moved onto his tummy last night and had one of his best nights ever! He slept that way for all of his naps today and I just went to check on him and his bum was in the air! So cute, I can hardly stand it! So I removed my flash and tried to take a picture of the cutest bum on the block! 

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Randi said...

That is adorable!!! Way to go! He looks so cute sleeping like that.

Do you put him down on his tummy to start? We still swaddle Cole because he likes to get to sleep that way (although he frees himself and crawls out of the blanket in the night) and I would love him to learn to sleep on his tummy but don't know how to get him there! Any tips???