Friday, November 14, 2008

What a week!

Wow - it's all I can say! Two great things happened this week and both feel life changing.  Ok, maybe that's a stretch...but man, they are awesome! Firstly, we got a PVR! I think I could be the next commercial spokesperson for them! You can pause live TV & record a whole whack of shows and get this - watch them at your leisure! Baby's crying?  Not a problem... pause and play when you come back! Amazing! 

Secondly, and most importantly...James is sleeping longer stretches at night - last night I got 6 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep! I haven't had that since I was 6 months pregnant! I feel like a million bucks - especially because after James woke up and I fed him, Geoff let me got back to sleep for another three hours! I feel like myself again! Sleep is life changing!

James and I are off to Palm Springs on Sunday for 5 days and we can't wait! All my shows will be PVR'd for when I get back and hopefully he'll sleep like a dream so that we can swim and play in the pool all day (and nap)!

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