Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just random stuff...

James has loved the change in weather and gets so excited to go outside now! We had a pretty good weekend, except I was sick on Saturday, so James spent the day with Daddy and Grammy. Sunday we went to the ball park for a game and he loved being at the park, watching everything, playing with all the dogs and eating of course! Camera battery was dead of course upon arrival:(

On Monday we had Luc over again and I took this hilarious picture of James and him in the double jogging stroller we bought. James loves to sit forward, so decided to propel himself up using Luc's ribs as leverage! Sorry Luc!

James loves all the trees around our neighbourhood and touching all of the bark!

This morning, we went to the zoo. We rode the train around the park and saw some of the exhibits! James' favorite was the giraffes and he thought this one was real!

This one was real! And he squealed and clapped with delight when he moved!

We are off to Victoria for three days tomorrow, so Daddy can finish all our windows in the house! Go Daddy Go!

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randi said...

he looks like he's having a blast - what a little character! love his crocs, by the way - especially sans clothes. ;-)