Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Play Date All Day!

Luc is a friend of mine that will be coming over a few times each month for the day, as his Mommy went back to work. At first, it's hard to share a Mommy, but I got used to it and also learned to share my toys! Here's me showing Luc my tools!

Luc loved my sound puzzle!

Sharing and playing is fun!

Let's Eat! Turkey, pasta, cheese & kiwis! Luc is the fastest eater I've ever seen, so my mom had to cut his pieces very, very small.

Oh man, I have to sit next to you the whole way?

Taking turns at the park


That wasn't so bad...we could do it again, just keep your elbow outta my rib!


Gmama said...

I had some great laughs !!! you were busy Lindsay !!!

Bonnie said...

i love the way the boys look at each other...what a great experience!