Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hangin' with Ava!

Today James and I ventured out to West Vancouver to visit his Auntie Jilly and her beautiful daughter, Ava (4 months) who flew out from Toronto! James slept the whole way there so was ready to play when we got there. He was so gentle with her and seemed to instinctively know that she was delicate. It was quite sweet to watch him pat her on the head, walk around her when she was sleeping on the floor and share his stuffed puppy dog with her! 

Here he is showing her his puppy dog book! Too cute!

We went on a lovely walk to the beach and got to play on some swings with a million dollar view!  Check out her adorable mary jane shoe socks! Cutest socks ever!
Unfortunately, our visit was cut short, as James wouldn't nap in the pack and play, so we packed it up and drove home...he was asleep within 4 blocks until our driveway! We hope to get over to Salt Spring Island in July for another visit!

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Bonnie said...

ahhh...he's so gentle with the baby...he must know she's delicate@:)