Monday, June 15, 2009

A lovely birthday picnic at the Beach!

This is where we should sit!

Today we took James down to Crescent Beach to celbrate his real birthday with a nice family picnic! The weather was awesome and thanks to a friend I knew just what to pack!

Here is Geoff trying to fly a kite that James got from our neighbours...we might need some pointers!

James loved giving us his rocks!
So much new stuff to explore!

Walking the logs!
Had to try ice cream on the way home...wasn't too into it, much like his cake!


randi said...

looks like a blast!

maybe he's just not that into the sweets? that wouldn't be the worst thing i guess! :-)

we must visit that beach - the rocks! the glorious rocks! cole would go nuts there - he loves picking up as many as he possibly can.

Gmama said...

I am really happy he likes ROCKS...must have got some Robinson/Gordon genes