Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to make a girl cry in 3 seconds

My dear friend Jill visited the other day with her daughter Ava, who is 7 months old now. They were on vacation from Toronto and unfortunately James had his cranky pants on for the visit, so the pictures weren't quite as we had hoped!

James: Um, you want me to sit by her?
Ava: Oh he seems nice! I think he's trying to put his arm around me!
Ava: (quietly to self) Ok look away, don't move
James: I'm outta here
Ava: Mom, help me!
Jill & Linds: Almost rolling on floor laughing...maybe better pictures next time!

1 comment:

miranda said...

awww - nothing like crying babies... it's simultaneously endearing, funny and sad. you are really getting a good "james cries around girls" collection going - they'll be perfect for his wedding slideshow one day. ;-)