Sunday, September 13, 2009

To all my fans...

James, his Grandma and I spent a great afternoon down at White Rock Beach on Thursday. We dressed for cool weather, but it was really hot and gorgeous out! We had a lovely stroll on the pier while sharing a Booster Juice. Then had sushi on the patio at Geoff and I's favorite restaurant, where we had our first and many subsequent dates. James was good as gold, especially when he got to play with chopsticks! 

We then had a great time rolling around the plush lawn with million dollar views! 

When James wears sunglasses. we tell him he's a movie star and to wave to all his fans - which he now does - it's quite cute...but he also waves at the shopping carts when we leave a who knows what he's getting?!

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Gmama said...

it was a great afternoon !!