Sunday, February 28, 2010

20 Oh Ten Gold!

James fell asleep at the start of the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game today, so there was some silent cheering going on whilst the nap ensued - however he woke up just in time for overtime and we won! Hoooooray! He's a natural flag waver and after the medal ceremony we went for a family walk (let's be honest, it was in hopes of inducing my labour) and he held and waved the flag the whole way! He liked it when people honked at him too! Such a fun afternoon! Proud to be from the best place on earth! 

High-five to the team!

We're #1

p.s. thanks again to Papa G for the awesome hockey jersey (that might still fit him in 4 years!)


Gmama said...

I think Dad got his money's worth on that shirt !!!

such fun

miranda said...

great photos of james cheering! adorable!

wooo canada! (hadn't heard anyone shout it recently - am suffering withdrawal!). :-)