Monday, February 15, 2010

First Hockey Game!

Geoff took James to see a Vancouver Giants game yesterday as they have been relocated out to the new events centre in Langley, while the Olympics are on. It was a 5pm start, so we thought it would be perfect. I loaded them up with snacks, treats and a juice box (a fav if he can get his hands on one) and thought they'd be able to last a good while with stuff to do. I got a call around 5:20pm to say they were on their way home. It was a bit of a stretch for James, maybe too young, too loud, too boring....who knows...they tried and all the treats were gone and it was time to come home. They did manage in that 20 minutes to see two goals and a fight, so Geoff felt his $20 wasn't put to complete waste! James did however love the Tiger mascot and chased him around the stadium! 

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Gmama said...

good try Geoff !! can't blame him for leaving if there was a fight !!!!