Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday we were invited to James' first birthday party for his friend, Noah, who turned two! The party was at Gymboree, which we were excited to try! James loved it and I hope we can go back, although I did learn that it's quite pricey, so it might be more of a once a month thing. Here are a few pics of James' adventures:

Crawling (term used loosely, more like dragged) through the tunnel

Hanging out in the inner tube (loved this)

Was infatuated with all of the balloons, thank goodness they didn't pop, or he'd end up with a balloon phobia like his mother.

Climbing with Dad


And lastly, our nice family photo. When I got home and downloaded them, I soon realized that my fly was down and since I didn't use the ladies room there, it was down THE WHOLE TIME! I'm not sure how many children I scarred! 

So with the lovely advantages of our Mac, I cropped the picture! What a good-looking family!

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Bonnie said...

Looks like a lot of famiy fun...I can't get over how big Jame's is now..WOW. He sure is having fun and what a great family photo.