Thursday, January 8, 2009

Playing in '09

James' Grandma came for a visit this week and took these random shots and since I haven't posted anything lately, I thought I'd share some of them!

I love yogurt! Why did my parents wait so long to give it to me?

One with Dad and Dad's creepy eyes! We have the same hair!

Playing the piano with Grandma!

Jumping on Mom and drooling all over her!

My first swim lesson! I didn't have that much fun because I was tired and just got an upper tooth - ouchie! I'm ready for Hawaii next month in my new swim shorts though!


Randi said...

so cute! he's growing like a weed from the looks of it, and so much hair!

here did you get that bib, by the way? it looks like a potential solution to all the food that ends up in Cole's lap...

Gmama said...

I sure had fun with you !!!

miss your signature chirp !!!

Love Gma

Bonnie said...

Love those pictures. James certainly looks like he's having fun@:)