Friday, January 2, 2009

My girlfriend came to town!

We had an awesome visit over the past few days with two of my best friends, Roxy and Amy. But more importantly for James, Roxy's gorgeous daughter Noelle (we call her Noey) came for a visit. Looks like the arranged marriage might be on the rocks already!

I told James that it's ok for men to cry as women like sensitive men, but that he also needed to be a little bit less of a cry-baby, as women tend to walk all over men like that! After kissing and making up, these two had lots of fun playing together for the rest of the visit, which went by entirely too fast!

We're so excited that Roxy's having a boy in May and our great friend Jill is due this month - it's going to be so great to get together with the babies and watch them grow up together! xox


Gmama said...

Hurray for old friends...they are the best !!

James just cracks me up with his faces !!!

Randi said...

good advice on the crying - a little, not too much. perfect! ;-)

noey is so pretty - what a doll. james had better keep in her good books for sure.

Uncle Jeff said...

Not everyone likes having their nose picked for them... I cry when Genn picks mine!