Monday, July 6, 2009

A picking we will go!

We had another awesome family day today, as Geoff is on holidays! We took James to Krause Berry Farm  to pick berries and get muddy! Their was a great petting zoo that he went in first with goats, bunnies, horses and more. He had tons of fun walking down the raspberry aisle helping us pick. Man, you should have seen it...normally I would have posted pictures of it...but I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Darnit! He was in his element...eating, playing with dirt - it was so fun! Afterwards we sampled some great bread in their store and then went to the bakery windown and watched the ladies make pies, whilst eating warm blackbery pie! These were the same pies we had at our wedding, instead of cake...and they are to die for! James was a hit with all the ladies and they thought he was adorable with his dirty shirt, blackberry stained mouth and big smile! Such a fun time - we will go back soon for sure, camera in tote! I did capture one cute pic of the day when James passed out in the car ride home, so sweet with blackberry still all over his face!

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