Friday, July 10, 2009

Island Hopping

James and I went to Salt Spring Island to visit my friend Jill and her 5 1/2 month old daughter Ava for the night.  Jill's parents have an amazing place on Salt Spring right on the water with tons to do! James was mostly enthralled by their dog, Taylor, a nice older golden retriever and their fat cat MacIntyre! 

He he is enjoying a nice dinner with a beautiful view!
Jill and I have the same picture of the two if us from 2003 without kids and beers in our hand...where have those days gone?!
Yay, the kids are asleep! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner, by Jill's Mom, Karen, who might just be my favorite chef!
James was peeking on Ava having a bath this morning!
Playing in the bocce ball court! Yes, plot of land devoted solely to bocce!
We hope we get invited back next year, despite James not being the happiest of house guests at times! Thanks guys!! xox

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