Thursday, July 23, 2009

Annual Mable Lake Trip!

We just returned home from 4 great days at Mable Lake, in the interior. Geoff's Mom rents a cabin there for two weeks every summer! As always, it was hot hot hot when we were there (30+ each day). Surprisingly, the cabin was fairly baby proof and had a great sun room with tons of windows and just a couch so it was a great safe place for James to scatter all his toys and muck about! He loved playing with the rocks on the beach and eating!

All sunscreened up and ready to play!
Eatin' on the beach
Pouty-face James didn't like his life jacket too much!
It's ok if he gets chips though!
Mmmm beer!
Happily loved his after-dinner walk in the backpack!
View from the hill!
Here we are taking out an inflatable canoe for what turned into a short trip
We always eat great food at the lake!
James wasn't sure what to do to help Dad blow out his birthday candles!
Enjoying his bath in the sink

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