Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just two short years ago...

And now our pumpkin carved his first pumpkin...well scooped out goop at least! 
James was not very happy to get his costume on, but once he got alot of attention, he was all over it!
We had a great early evening with our neighbours' grandson, Cole, playing outside and trick or treating! 
James loved walking up to people's houses and knocking on the doors! He even began to steal Cole's candy! How rude!
We dressed our little Peanut up as a pumpkin just for fun!! What a great night!


miranda said...

so cute! that frog suit and the little candy bag were so adorable. and i love how he came around once he got all the attention.

it was great fun trick-or-treating with you guys. thanks!

(ps thanks for emergency diapers and squash too!) ;-)

Bonnie said...

what a fun evening. the little guys looks so cute.