Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins Galore!

We were invited back to our friends family's farm, where we spent a great day in the summer! The weather was beautiful and the leaves the same!  This time it was pumpkin season and across the street from them is Hazelmere Farm, so after a hot dog and some playing - we hopped into the tractor and headed over! 

We caught another huge tractor to the pumpkin fields and also went through their corn maze. 
James had a great time picking and lifting (with his big muscles) his perfect little pumpkin! 
Pumpkins are special to us because we found out about James just before Halloween two years ago and called him pumpkin in my belly!
Afterwards we visited the petting zoo on site
And rode in the tractor home!
I posed for my 18 week photo this week with our two little pumpkins and peanut (baby #2)!  James likes squatting over his pumpkin!


Gmama said...

love all the pics..getting homesick looking at all of you!!!

peanut belly looks great

Love m

Jill Carson said...

You Look great Libby! Congrats on number 2.

Gmama said...

homesick still!!!

but have my fix for the day

G'Day mates