Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much to be Thankful for!

James and I just returned home after 4 days in Victoria with his Grandma! Papa G was in Australia playing in the World Masters Games and Grandma is heading down on Friday for a month, so we had to get in a last visit. We had a great time with lots of visits from friends and family. 

Here we are with Roxy's two little ones and two other little guys the same age as James - trying to get a group shot that just wasn't going to happen!
Helping me play Beatles Rock Band on Wii!
Special reading time with Grandma on his new reading mat (we have one here so she made one too and he loved it!)
My favorite picture! My little pumpkin lover - he can't get enough of them! Pumpkin patches here we come!
We took a jaunt to Caddy Bay Beach, where my mom grew up and I also grew up playing with my Grandparents! It was quite fun to watch James have a blast there - especially when he took a liking to log-walking.  I'm pretty certain I crossed that whole beach on logs when I was a kid!

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Gmama said...

yes indeed, we are truly blessed