Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Potty Time with Elmo!

We bought a potty for James, as he has been obsessed by ours lately (flushing, toilet paper, saying goodbye etc.) and found a great little talking Elmo potty, which he loves even more! I went and found some matching books and DVD's, called Potty Time with Elmo (get it? Party time!) 
So I get home from an appointment the other day and Geoff casually mentions that James has pooped on the potty! Woah, this is major! For a while, we would just be excited if he sat on it for more than 2 seconds. He loves to sit and read his book now. We aren't too worried if he's going because I think he'll catch on in his own due time - but it's fun to try!
I'm sorry to embarrass you in the future buddy, but hey - everybody poops!

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