Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Early Christmas in Victoria

We just got back from a great trip to Victoria for an early Christmas and to meet baby Freya! We had an awesome time and crammed in lots of fun visits and events!

Here we are meeting Freya (I'm surprised he is smiling because he did not like me holding the baby at all!)

Here is Freya and her beautiful Mommy Amy, guests of honour at a baby shower at my Mom's house!
Always fun bath time with Grandma!
Helping Grandma open her Olympic mittens!
Opening his first present!
A guitar!!
We got to see Noey and Everett! Not sure these two will ever like sitting beside each other on a couch...I'm sure we'll keep trying though!
All tuckered out after lots of fun!
The family for brunch!
Taken this morning in his new bathrobe - only one more sleep til Santa comes! And we've so far only had to tell him to wait until tomorrow for the star on top of the tree about 20 times!

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priceless housecoat picture