Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun had by all!

Geoff and I managed to sneak away to Whistler for two nights this week and we left James overnight for the first time with my parents. We had no worries that he would have tons of fun and be well taken care of.  I also haven't taken very many pictures lately as I'm usually away from the camera and am feeling too big to jump up and get it every time he does something cute! 

Here are a few of their highlights:

James loves to help feed Lexi and is so gentle with her!
Building and knocking down towers with Papa G 

Making smoothies! 

Random cute picture...doesn't he look so grown up?!
A visit to Santa, that required my Mom to sit with him, as evidenced by the initial struggle!
Riding around toy stores (I can already guess what he's getting for his 2nd birthday!)
Story-time at the library!
Thanks for letting us have a great get-away Mom and Dad! James had a blast! See you in a few weeks for Christmas!


Bonnie said...

wow, looks like james had a great time with grandma and grandpa. way to go!!!

Lindsay said...

We miss the little man !!!

Those sweet flying hugs and the smell of his shampooed hair !!!

and the babble, trying desperately to tell us that Lexi needs her food or that a smoothie should be made !!

and James holding my hand in his stroller in the mall

so many things !!

Gmama said...

oops, Lindsay didn't sign out

Grandma said all the previous stuff