Friday, December 4, 2009

A table built for two (or four)

I recently decided it would be nice to have a small children's table and chairs in our kitchen for James, so that he could learn to have snacks in a chair and keep busy with random things while I work in the kitchen.  I also decided to try and have new things at his table after each time he wakes up (a bowl and whisk, plastic cutlery and fruit, his stuffy's reading books, crayons etc.) so that it can be exciting....'what or who's at the table today?!'
This morning James was thrilled to see his friend Upsy Daisy reading a book, so after a few minutes he ran to get other friends to share his milk and cheerios with. He was able to happily occupy himself for about 20 minutes, which is pretty good around our house! He was so cute sharing his food and milk with everyone...


Gmama said...

such fun...learning to share....and then thinking of it himself

what great parents you and Geoff are !!!!!!

Bonnie said...

wow that's great!james looks like he is having so much fun with all his friends@:D