Friday, December 11, 2009

More Christmasy Fun!

We've been having lots of fun lately with Christmas coming! James loves the tree and looking through his Santa book. We jingle lots of bells and sing lots of songs! Here are some of the things we've been up to this week:

Santa Parade in Cloverdale (didn't actually turn out to be that fun - it was freezing and James was fairly miserable and I don't blame him...but we managed to stay for a few minutes and see some floats go by)
Here James is playing with new playdough he got from a play group we attend. He never liked playdough until this week (maybe because he got his own!)
Every morning we put up a new ornament on the advent calendar from Grandma!
"I think it should go there!"
Only 14 days until Santa comes!
Santa stopped by another playgroup we attend and although he was shy at first, he did come around and manage to get pretty close to him (even sharing his eggs he made!)
Still wouldn't sit on his lap, but that's ok - we got a great shot! Santa let James ring his bells! HOHOHO!


Gmama said...

Great photos !!! Christmas is totally different with little ones around. Magic happens !!

Gmama said...

Santa's cheeks are nice and rosy...I just noticed !!