Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playin' at Captain Kids

We took James out to play at Captain Kids (I know, we'd never heard of it either) today, as friends of ours were heading out there. It's at the large ice rink in Walnut Grove and is only $2! James loved and I mean LOVED going down the big kids slide with Geoff! Took a video of one time down the scariest slide I'd ever think to take him on but he couldn't get enough of it. Not a place I could take James alone right now as lots of climbing involved, but a great place for Geoff to take James and give Mom a nice break!! hint hint... 

They actually got air on these jumps and as soon as James was at the bottom he was signing for 'more' and running to the stairs!
On the little slide with Abby - didn't want to get too close!

This was the steepest slide I've ever seen! 
I accidentally took this length-wise and can't rotate it, so you have to rotate your head to watch - the funniest part is when he's all done, he likes to watch the kids behind him and then runs like a maniac to get back on!

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Gmama said...

I just love it !!!! priceless

might be a scary slide for a Grandma